Cognitive Hypnotic Coachin & Psychotherapy

Cognitive Hypnotic Coachin & Psychotherapy

Anintegrative approach of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic programming,Life coaching & Cognitive Therapies.


A step towards physical & Mental Well-being….Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching & psychotherapy courseconten


Course Introductio

Fees , Duration & Certification Detail :

Level1–Basic Practitioner Coursein Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching

Course Overview


What you can do after this course ?
Level 2 – Practitioner Course in Cognitive Hypnotic coachin

Course Overview


What you can do after this course ?
Level 3 – Advance Practitioner Coursein Cognitive Hypnotic coachin

Course Overview


What you can do after this course ?

Cognitive Hypnotic Coaching & Psychotherapy –


The participants of this workshop learn to systematically work with conscious and unconscious process of the mind affecting a person a person physical,emotional,and mental health.

This course is aimed at providing the health - care professionals & students pursuing or interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or coaching which further tools to assist in diagnosing and treating ailment.

Therapeutic approach is based on:
  1. Clinical Hypnotherapy, including guided imagery, free association
  2. Positive psychotherap
  3. Models from Life coachin
  4. Neuro linguistic programmin
  5. Cognitive psycho-therapeutic modalities like CBT & REBT

Features of the cours

Focusedon developing coaching & therapeutic skil

Working with conscious and unconscious proces

Multiple certifications (Coaching,NLP,Hypnosi

Integrating online & classroom Trainin

Ongoing support and mentorshi


For those working in thearea of Teaching , sales, Recruitment, Mass media and journalism, HR professional and those who have keen interest in learning this course..

Mental health professional (counsellor ,life-coach, psychologist) or students pursuing course in mental health.

Fees, Duration & Certification Details :

Note: course fees including course materia lkit (Books , PDF , CD & online material)

Courses Tructur

Level1 – Basic practitioner course in cognitive hypnotic coaching


Working of mind & behavi

Reasons behind problem

Benefits of positive thinkin

Introduction , History , Myth and misconception of NLP And Hypnosi

Theory of min


Coaching proces

Therapy proces

Suggestibility & law of suggestibili

Deep Relaxation technique

Pre - induction interview

Emotional intelligence through FLI Pmode

If/then statemen



Demonstration & practic
  1. Induction
  2. Hand magne
  3. Handshake
  4. Reverse count
  5. Arm raisin
  6. Auto dual
  7. Dave Elman
  8. Deeping techniques
  9. Coaching modules
  10. Deep relaxation techniques
  11. Self-hypnosis

What you can do after this course ?

After this course you will be able to induce any willing person in a deep hypnotic trance.

Deep Relaxation, stressmanagement , confidencebuilding, Motivation, Goalsetting & Goal accomplishment, Emotional intelligence. Developing self-esteem.

Level - 2 Practitioner course in cognitive hypnotic coaching


Conditioned behavio

Ericksonian hypnotherap

Anchoring techniques to help client’s access positive state and change existin

To develop rapport with not only conscious but also unconsciou

Application of indirect language pattern to induce deep hypnotic state

Recap & discussion about level 1 and pre level 2 online module


Keys of anchorin

Steps of anchoring

Building resource anchor

Chaining anchor

Moving from procrastination to motivation

Moving beyond script in NLP and Hypnotherapy

What you can do after this course ?

Free Floating Anxiety,stagefear,performanceImprovement,Building confidence and self esteem.

Level 3- Advance Practitioner course in cognitive hypnosis coaching


Objective of therapy/coaching

Physical & mental state of coaching


Why of relationship

Stages of relationship

Paratoxic distortion

Reasons for problem in relationship

Physical and emotional sexuality

Relationship counselling

Sexual dysfunction

Private violence


Deep relaxation therapies

Quick belief change process


Interplay between physical & emotional feeling

Reasons behind addiction and compulsive behavior

Root cause of problem

Deal with habit pattern

NLP frame

Model imprint

Inner child

Core issue identification

Hypnotich opponopono

Void management

Core transformation

What you can do after this course ?

Relationship management,Behaviour Management,Allergy Management,Weight Management,over all life coaching,Goal setting and Goal accomplishment,Performance improvement and Pain Management.

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