Weight Loss

Purr-Fect Weight Loss Program
  • Does the sight of scales terrifying you?
  • By your clothes online because you are afraid of judgement by store assistants?
  • Put off going to the doctor's because you know you are going to get weighed?
  • Stop yourself from doing leisure activities because you are embarrassed by your tummy, legs or things?
How Hypnosis works In relation to weight loss.

The science of losing weight is far more complicated than simply eating less if that was in a case most people would do just that we eat and over it for many reasons in a vast majority of cases of in that region is a form of 'self-medicating' in order to dampen down emotion or as a formed of reward some of the other reason be overeat are listed herewith:

  • To punish ourselves
  • As a form of self-naturing
  • To Stuff emotions down instead of processing them
  • Out of boredom
  • To reword ourselves
  • To feel loved
  • As a reaction to emotional stress’
  • When we feel broken hearted
    • Out of habit
    • To feel comforted
    • As a way to avoid confrontation
    • As a form of protection

of course, this does not cover ALL of the reason but if we look at the myriad of reasons we overeat it easy to see how we can very easily become overweight furthermore if we overeat.

What type of results can I expect?

There is a huge amount of variance in the result. We see some clients report losing to kgs in the first week some report half kg on occasion. We have had client report weight loss up to 4kg!

there are many factors which determine how much you will lose some of these factors are:

  • How much exercise you do during the week
  • How much water you consume each day.
  • How much time you spend inactive vs active.
  • How many steps you take per day.
  • How much weight you need to loose from the outset
  • Body type
  • Sleep patterns
  • The type of work you do.
  • Calories in Vs Calories out.

all of the above items are address during the hypnotic process.

Result do vary and there is no way we can give a defined amount of weight loss session. We can however tell you that with Hypnosis you are on track to improve health and wellbeing.

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