Healing Therapies

  • 32 Access Bar Consciousness
  • Bach Flower Therapy
  • Mind Energy Meditation
  • Pendulum Dowsing
  • Gem Stone Crystal Grid
  • Ten Tarot Reading
  • Seven Chakra Healing
  • Third Eye Activation
  • Aura Reading & Healing
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Angel Therapist
  • Samooray Healing
  • Tibetan Sound Therapy
  • Money Power Process
  • Magnified Healing
  • Lamafera Grand Master
  • Hooponopono
  • Akashik Record Power
  • Hoodoo Magical Power
  • Body Language Therapy
  • Rune Reading

Aura Scanning

Thoughts and feelings give color to your aura,making it possible for a psychic to know what you are experiencing .Aura scanning helps scrutinizing a swirling mass of colors, that represent you on mental,physical and emotional level.

Aura Cleansing

Aura cleansing is removing the negative energy from your aura and clearing awful aspects of your energy system. Aura cleansing has proven to be one of the most successful and distinctive forms of modern –day holistic health care.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is condernedwih treating patients holistically through the precise placement of crystals on the body and the surrounding room,thecoupling of your relatively inconsistent vibration with h balancing one ifcrystal can bridge the gap between your physical,menta and spiritual selves.

Expand Aura Level

This process helps you to expand the wavelength of your aura. As your aura expands your energy starts to pick up on spirit presences such as your guides ,angelsorloved ones.

Gems Healing

Gemstones have a very strong property to pick up and transmit a specific wavelength to the body, The body in turn transforms these rays into chemicals and element al particles , it can be used to better function both on the physical and emotional levels.

Spinal Yoga Healing (SHY)

SYH is an extremely effective yoga techniques for total relaxation and stress release SYH helps in removing blockages , reducing body fat, realeasing emotions, improving bloodcirculation and increasing the energy level.

Super Soul Power

Super Soul power is designed to reconnect your spiritual card and reintegrate your mind with a spiritual body (spirit). The most powerful form This process is a state of consciousness in which spirit and personality or forms are experienced simultaneously.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot reading is a form of divination using cards with symbolic image to connect the reader to the subconscious mind, providing information relating to the matter of interest of past present and future.

Tentaro Card Reading

With Tentaro Card and pendulum, you can connect with the universal intelligence. It allows you to access and connect with a higher power which can help in making the best decisions and provide remedies for your present and future queries.

Hehomi Healing

Hehomi healing is a music therapy /which has the ability to reach into your souls and help you to connect with your true selves and to heal from within ,hehomi music has an amazing transformative effect in harmonizing the body systems.

Kundalini awakening

Kundalini Awakening develops your awareness of the inner body and encourages you to work from the core of your being. You achieve a much deeper and more abiding health and sustain your body o remain protected , healed & balanced.

Pendulum Dowsing

Pendulum dowsing has also been called ‘’diving’’for its ability to provide information and predict the future . pendulum dowsing can be used in a variety of different ways. In its most simple form, you can use it to anwer questions or aid n decision making.

Reiki healing

Reiki is a spiritual ,vibrational healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human system ,the divine cosmic energy is channeled fo the purpose of healing . it is also used for relaxation and stress release ( Reiki 1 to 4 level with colour, crystal, candle, pyramid ,pendulum & photo therapy)

Samooray Healing

Samooray healing isanatural and holistic form of treatment , the healer act as a channel for a much higher, imitless source of cosmic energy. Samooray healing helps to increase and balance the flow of energy , activating the body’s naturalability to heal.

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