Bach Flower Remedies Course



A step towards physical and mental well-being…

Bach Flower remedies are prepared from flower essences containing the healing energy of plants and facilitate restoring balance.

The Bach Flower Therapy was developed by Edward Bach to serve a simple form of preventive health care. Today it enjoys a worldwide reputation.

By better understanding and correcting the mental erros underlying our negative behavior pattern we can reconnect with our own true nature.

With the help of Bach Flower Therapy we regain access to our spiritual healing forces which strengthen our immune system and support our overall Health and wellbeing

BACH FLOWER THERAPY help treat support all kind of professional , psychological condition and pain which include such as sadness,anger,irritation,loneliness,fear,anxiety,resentment,uncertainity,emotionsdue to great change despair bottled up emotions and many more.

What will you learn in online Training programme:-

Student will learn about flower remedies, about the creator of Bach remedies.Student will learn about 38 flower remedies in the Bach remedy system and the solution to physical, mental and emotional problems.

Course content:-
  1. Introduction to Bach flower Remedies
  2. Edward Bach soul flowers
  3. The Bach flower system
  4. Finding the Right Bach flower
  5. How to help others through Bach flower remedies
  6. Details of all 38 Bach Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy:-
          Emotions, symptoms and Essence of the flower i.e. 39 Bach remedies
  7. Solutions to 245 physical, Emotional and mental conditions.

Note: online training course fees = 5500 /- including course pdf ,Book & certificate

Course fees for Bach flower bottle remedies kit i.e ( 5500 + 7000) = 12500 /- (including ,course pdf,2 Books , Bach flower 38 bottels plus rescue remedy kit with certificate fees =12500/-)

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